Thursday, February 01, 2007

Monthly Review

I've decided to start doing monthly reviews in the hope that I can solidify my memory of past events. In late December I began "blogging" seriously, in large part because I found this guy to be damn interesting. I took down most of my old, rambling, very stupid posts. I may be changing the URL sometime soon.

First week: I began my class, Introduction to Statistics. One class for one month, 9-12 AM. I liked the teacher - likely the best math teacher I've ever had. I also began a Digg addiction, which allowed me to find Peekvid. I stayed up all night and watched all the Weeds episodes in a few days along with a few other shows. During this time I got stuck in a sleep schedule where I would stay up all night and sleep from about 1-7 PM. I repeated this for a while. I can't remember what I did during the weekend -- likely nothing. I began to sort through my old books with the intention of bringing a bunch to Goodwill. The only book that I really read out of my library was Environmental Science: A Global Concern. After reading it I was unsure of whether or not to donate it, but I will. The cat died.

Second week: Class was going good. I think I was still in the weird sleep mode. I can't remember doing much on the weekend. I checked out a few books:
    Western Philosophy by R.J. Hollingdale
    Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche
    The Philosopher's Toolkit by Julian Baggini and Peter S. Fosl
    A Kierkegaard Anthology by Robert Bretall

I began to try reading them along with some of my old library. I read the first three fairly closely and the last not so closely, but I will return to it.

Third week: More of the same. Blogging, reading, pretending to think, not much to brag about.

Fourth Week: My roommates arrived halfway through this week. Always good to have company. That weekend I partied on Friday and recovered on Saturday and Sunday. Found out I aced Stats. I briefly began to get back into Armageddon but was stopped short when I died to a dirty human. There goes 200 hours of playing time.

Fifth Week: Classes have began and they're looking to be easy.

And now we're on to a new month. Along with attempting to keep up with school (easier said than done) I will push myself to study the subjects which repel me: science, web development, and math.

I wanted to get stoned and do this, but I was too distracted doing homework. I'm reading The Elusive Quest for Growth by William Easterly for my International Trade class. The crude analysis of developmental international finance institutions (e.g. the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund) economists that Easterly exposes is nothing short of amazing. Hopefully I will get around to posting quotes later.

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