Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Unavoidable Trend: Aging

Lately I have been reading The Skeptical Environmentalist by Bjorn Lomborg. I haven't gotten that far, but expect a critical review in a few weeks. Yesterday I was reading an early chapter, and it was arguing that things have improved and that overpopulation is not a serious issue. I've always supported the former point, although I'm skeptical of the latter. I don't have the book handy (my home computer is in bad shape), but I believe he says that the proportion of people over 50 will be half of the world population in 2050 (up from 20% or so right now). What I do remember distinctly, however, is his statement that 80+ will be 10% of the population, whereas they were less than 1% when he wrote the book in 2000.

This is an incredible trend, and no doubt lots of money will be made on it. It makes me want to get into the health sciences profession.