Sunday, February 25, 2007

Aching Shoulder

When I woke up this morning my shoulder was killing me. Likely it was that wrestling the night before. I threw out my arm when I was in middle school. I looked it up the internet and didn't find anything too interesting (ice it, heat it, stretch it), but a few things were interesting: biofeedback and ultrasound. I wish I could afford biofeedback for a number of things, but it'll have to wait. The ultrasound looks like a scam but it is intriguing nonetheless.

When I looked up ultrasound on Wikipedia I saw a link to this:

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Exposure to ultrasound can affect fetal brain development, a new study suggests. But researchers say the findings, in mice, should not discourage pregnant women from having ultrasound scans for medical reasons.

When pregnant mice were exposed to ultrasound, a small number of nerve cells in the developing brains of their fetuses failed to extend correctly in the cerebral cortex.

As science gets better and better I predict that we will find that humans are quite susceptible to little things like this.

I ended up spraying some Therapain Plus on the shoulder. Seems to work great for my back pain too.

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