Monday, April 16, 2007


JASO has shot up 13% for the third day in a row. I bought $1000 around 17, sold it at $20, then bought $5000 worth at 23.15. Now it's at 28.

So I've made a cool 1130 bucks in the past few days. Put the original $1000 (now $1130) from JASO into another stock, which didn't look like it was going anywhere, so I took it out and put it into SOLF at 15.79. It was up 22% at the time and will likely have another breakout today tomorrow.

Now is the time to be invested in solar, although you have to be careful not to invest in pure momentum when it's at the top.

UPDATE: At the end of the day SOLF is 17.68 and JASO is 28.20. I know that SOLF is going up tomorrow, not sure about JASO.

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