Monday, April 16, 2007

The Science of Dreams

I just watched this movie. Caellyndria (who I've linked jokingly as My Stalker - sorry!) watched it too. I commented on her review if you want to read it. She didn't like it. I did, in a weird way. I'm not a goofy, artistic, psuedoscientific person. I don't do arts and crafts as a hobby but I appreciated the authenticity of Stephane's creepy obsession with Stephanie. The movie reminded me of the insanity of my dreams and my own creepy obsession with a couple girls. I'm saddened by the fact that I no longer remember to write them down. Here's one of the nightmares that I had a few months back:

3/20/06: After a long day/night of dreams, all I can remember is leaving this decrepit tenement building...weird people leered at us and approached. When I entered the building I had my Smith&Wesson switchblade on me in my pocket and kept feeling atit warily. With me was Eric F and this little blond girl (a child, really) named Jessi. I turned around for a second and then Eric and the girl walked into some random person's house. They were sitting down to eat Ruffles. I commented that there wasn't a lot of food and the resident little
blond girl, who looked a lot like Jessi, said there a lot. Then her father, a strangely intense, heavyset man with greying hair showed up. He asked us what we were doing. When we said we were visiting he smiled hungrily at us. I got real, real uneasy. Eric glanced up a picture on the wall and said, "Uh, your mom's tumor looks like the mole on George Bush's neck..." (not that I remembered if he has one - I don't think he does). He moved to stand up and the father moved in a way that seemed to me to suggest he was gonna stop us. I grabbed my switchblade, but it didn't come fully out, and it collapsed when I stabbed itdidn't stab right because of it. Then we booked it out the door only to realize we'd left Jessi behind. When I woke up, I was deciding to head back for Jessi and Eric just wanted to

EDIT: Recalling back, I remember debating with someone about what
'continuum' meant, and I was holding my pipe Pandora as I spoke..."

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Did you smoke before watching it? I meant to ask.