Saturday, April 28, 2007

Lufia II

"I hear there are monsters in the North Cave."
"Are you going away again?"
"Well, that's my job."
" careful..."
"I'll be alright."
"You always say that. But I always worry."
"I'll get them but you have to buy them, Tia."
"I will."
"Well, see ya."

I had to load my one of my favorite old SNES games today, Lufia II. It's kinda sad. I have learned a fair amount in college but all I really want to do at some deep level is read fantasy and play RPGs.

I had to load up it up. I just felt too nostalgic to resist. We'll see how long I can go before the guilt of avoiding productive activity catches up with me.


ADHR said...

I love the Lufia games. The SNES RPGs were awesome. I haven't gotten any RPGs for later systems -- they look too pretty and melodramatic to be fun. (Action games are much better, though, as are adventure games.)

undergroundman said...

Sweet. :)

Yeah, I really don't like console RPGs. Haven't really liked them since grade-school. PC RPGs are still great - games like Fallout, Arcanum, and Baldur's Gate. You tried any of 'em?

These days I just play MUDs. Multi-User Dungeons. The ones I play are permanent death roleplaying games.

Check out Armageddon and Shadows of Isildur if you're curious.