Thursday, May 10, 2007

Google Alerts and Bilderberg

A search for Bilderberg in Google News brings up only 7 results. One of them is from a commenter. So I subscribed to Google Alerts for Bilderberg and today I received one of my first stories (surprising for a word which is printed so seldom). It is on the trial of Conrad Black, wealthy media mogul and owner of Hollinger International (and also, of course, a long-term member of Bilderberg). He is now facing criminal charges for corporate crime - cooking the books and colluding with competitors, I gather, to add another dozen million to his personal fortune.

Statistically, I wonder what percentage of corporate criminals get caught - of course, some libertarians will tell you that they all do, but such a position is inconsistent with their belief that the government is incompetent. Catching corporate criminals is exceedingly difficult.

Hollinger International owns the Chicago Sun-Times and used to own many more newspapers.

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