Saturday, May 12, 2007

Eating Raw Meat

Last night I had a dream in which took several large bites out of a raw T-Bone steak. Then I suddenly realized what I'd done, and walked around asking people if I would be OK.

I was reminded of this dream when I checked out this article on Wikipedia again: toxoplasmosis. Read it. This disease is actually quite scary. Some scientists suggest that it increases your risk of a car accident dramatically, decreases intelligence and novelty-seeking in males, and increases promiscuity and perhaps intelligence in females. One study found that it roughly doubled or tripled your chance of a car accident. Some scientists think it causes schizophrenia.

What's even scarier is that some evidence suggests that 1/3 of US citizens have it.

Cook your meat thoroughly and put your goddamn cats to sleep.

Right now we have two kittens and a cat, and I can't force my roommates to get rid of them. If you have a cat, don't let wander outside. Considering that I've been around cats all my life, most likely I have this disease, and I'll be looking to get rid of it someday - even though there is no real treatment.

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