Sunday, November 14, 2010

Notes on other purgings

Deleting some other links:
  • I like the idea of the distributism and think it will be increasingly important in a world where capital does most things and labor is left to do less and less, but I'm not sure I have time to read into the The Distributist Review. It moved from its old blogspot and now looks like a real publication! Chesterton and Friends was basically just related to this.
  • I really liked the blog Akinesis on Livejournal. It was basically personal with a few thoughts about the ongoing study of economics interspersed. Unfortunately "purged".
  • Dusk in Autumn is another interesting one similar to the two below, with fascinating topics and a data-centric, seemingly (!) well-informed perspective. Unfortunately it has the same issues and therefore I can't keep it up looking like a running endorsement, but I'll be checking in I imagine.
  • News Hounds shows clips from Fox News. I used to find this amusing in a cruel sort of way. It might have also had to do with bringing back childhood memories, as my parents watched this type of stuff. Now it just provokes some anger and frustration. I've matured.
  • Uncertain Principles. Not sure why I ever linked to this, which is apparently about pop culture and physics. If I'm going to read science I want to read something more instructional at this point.
  • Optimmen. I added Daniel Tammet's blog somehow hoping that the highly functional autistic savant could somehow maybe release his secret to genius. Silly me. Interesting story, but the blog content isn't that great.

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