Thursday, July 19, 2007

Seeing Through Ron Paul

The "libertarian" who "would have" voted for Defense of Marriage Act? See here.


Randy said...

Uh - He's a republican with libertarian leanings. Besides, he's more right about marriage than the Libertarians are. Gay or straight - the government should stay out of it.

undergroundman said...

He ran as the Libertarian candidate for the 1988 Presidential Election.

If he said that he would have voted for the Defense of Marriage Act, then he wasn't for the government staying out of it. You know what I mean?

To be fair, he'd probably eat those words today. Maybe I am being too hard on him, but I don't like the fact that he is a pro-life, anti-homosexual Republican. He also runs the risk of being a corporate shill because he doesn't understand the concept of market failure.

Appreciate the comment, though. What do you think he meant when he said he would have voted for the Defense of Marriage Act?