Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Floating Ideas

I've had a few ideas for posts floating around:
  1. An examination of the real economic value of things - beyond just its exchange value.
  2. The valuable functions that investing in equities performs (or does not).
  3. How much I despise G.E. Moore's "naturalistic fallacy".
  4. Hillary Clinton sucks.
  5. I love Mike Gravel. Visit to figure out why.
Instead I've been lazily researching stocks and tooling around on Reddit, trying to educate people in economics and promote Mike Gravel under my new alias, censored. So far I've been moderately successful, but I'm about ready to give up. I find it depressing that Conde Nast(y) has already bought Reddit, which is much nicer than Digg.

Coming up with usernames is perhaps the biggest hurdle I have to overcome when getting involved with websites -- I'm still not very involved with Wikipedia because I don't have a good username. (I have several, none of which I like.) That's probably a good thing because I am an expert in nothing, and Wikipedia should get the attention of experts -- meh, that's a dumb excuse. Wikipedia needs my help.

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