Sunday, December 05, 2010

Trimming a few blog and other bookmarks

As part of an effort to continue to trim my bookmarks of old articles and half-thought ambitions, I'm removing a few blogs from when I was more obsessed about health, plus an article ("knol") about eyeglasses possibly exacerbating myopia ("Advisory on Eyeglasses for Myopia"), the Building a Mining Company website, Mines and Communities website, and all my privacy websites (Guerrilla Mail for temporary websites, Bugmenot for free logins). Not sure what to think about the knol, and my interest in mining will continue but somewhat more from an investor-based perspective (where I can look at the ecological impacts as well). I also trimmed the only link in my funny folder: Motivational Posters.

The blog include the Heart Scan Blog, which is about a doctor who advocates vitamin D and other things (thyroid stuff?). Caught my eye, but I haven't read much of it lately. Another is Whole Health Source, who caught my eye with an interesting article on Weston Price's research on tooth decay. I actually agree with both of the bloggers to some extent, or at least in the idea that mainstream medicine is often wrong and that the importance of nutrition is overlooked. But since I don't have as many health issues as I used to, I'm less into this area. Another is Modern Dragons, which seems like a guy with a common interest in tackling "modern dragons". There's also The Scholarly Kitchen (academic publishing blog), This week in batteries (need more technical background to follow).

I'm adding the following to my Google Reader: Aaron Schwartz's Raw Thought, Andrew Garret's Blog, Wikimedia Technical Blog. These are programmers who have a connection to Wikipedia, although I'm trimming out Wikipedian blog Vox Populi Vox Cani. I'm not adding Vision Master Designs also I'll likely go back to check on it (same with all of these, now that I've got them stored here). It's unfortunate that Google Reader doesn't seem to have a really convenient way to just store blog links.

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