Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Improvement costs energy

So now I'm sitting on a brown loveseat in a tiny, rustically-urban apartment, ready to post. You may know what that means. I am nearing the anniversary of my arrival here. When I first arrived, I slept on the floor in a dorm room while looking for work. I haven't mentioned my work yet except to say that I'm a government bureaucrat. I'm afraid to say too much, but I work in the regulation of the financial industry. I never imagined that people at my level in an industry would do the sort of things I do. Much of my power is illusory, but some of it is real.

Doing anything worthwhile takes focus, delayed gratification, the sacrifice of worry, and the sacrifice of other, tantalizing information. Every moment that I blog I take away from something else. It doesn't take away much, but enough. So I'm off to something else

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