Saturday, April 29, 2006

Could I enter a love triangle wiith a bisexual and her roommate?

It sorta seems that this is possible. I can't understand people today. Was the married couple I was hanging out with today really serious when they said they were swingers?

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Testing Jesus's philosophy

Today I had to test Jesus's philosophy. An eye for an eye? Or forgiveness?

Someone clocked me hard in the eye for no real reason. What sort of punishment should they get?

It's a test. I took the 'high road', but was it because of fear or compassion? Through my head runs the thought, again and again: it was fear.

It's a test
I took the high road
but was it fear or compassion
through my head runs the thought
again and again
it was fear

I suppose it's a poem. Not a great one, but it rhymes, sorta. If you pronounce it how I do.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Internet

The internet really complicates my life. I need to simplify it. But how?

How can I cut away the things that are actually unnecessary - the MUDing, the (perhaps) reading, the endless browsing. I always have something consuming my life.

Hell, that shit sounds like a poem. I'm gonna put it into verse:

The internet really complicates my life
I need to simplify it.
But how?
How can I cut away the things that are actually necessary
the MUDing, the (perhaps) reading, the endless browsing
I always have something consuming my life.

My own lyrical sense is prolly shitty. I never write poetry. I should, to become a better writer. There's a quote from Fitzgerald about poetry ... let me find it. Couldn't find it. It states that one is never a good writer until they've tried to write lyrical poetry, even if they failed. And by that I suppose he means really tried.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Was today a success?

Well, today I did the following right:

  1. Went to all my classes.
  2. Took my supplements right.
  3. Did a little homework.
  4. Got a girl's phone number.

I did the following wrong:

  1. Masturbated.
  2. Didn't do enough homework.
I felt wrong most of the day. Still feeling shitty every day.

What else?

I smoked some weed. Smoked a joint and hit a solar bowl. Saw a pound today. Bought an eighth.

Saturday, April 08, 2006


Yes, that's right. Inspired by this thread, I'm going to quit masturbating. Lately I've been up to like two times a day, and it's hurting me.

In other days, I'm trying to gain weight. I've been drinking Heavyweight Gainer 900. It tastes delicious, but I'm losing weight. Incomprehensible. I must be consuming 2000 calories a day, and I only weigh 110-115 pounds.

Life is going ok. Wrote up a humongous philosophy paper, but it wasn't a piece of quality. It was near 20 pages double-spaced. That's all.

EDIT 3/8/08: It turns out that celiac sprue caused my sickness.