Thursday, December 22, 2005

Schools in the USA

I was reading the Internet Marketing Center website today and I started thinking about what I could possibly sell. Then I had an idea. I could build the perfect site for colleges(styled after the sleek design of Allmusic, perhaps). It would go into detail on each colleges' strengths and weaknesses, size, social scene and most importantly, food. I'd write up the basic overview on my own and ask for submissions about what really goes on there. After I had enough submissions, I'd start asking people for $5-10 to access all the college insider tips. It might not make a lot of money, but it would be good practice. If I devoted my time to a project like this instead of MUDs, I could get it done in a year.

Then I found Schools in the USA. I've got no chance of beating their start, really.

Damn. Who's got an idea for an internet business? Anyone? It's the New Gold Rush. Come on, people.

I could build perfect sites.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Reading back through my blog...

I set out with a goal last year, and regained it this later year. Back then I wanted to track what I did in the past to retrace my steps in memory. Later on, when this Fall Semester started, I wanted to do that with memory alone. It hasn't exactly worked.

What I found as I read through my past entries is that posting these things online really did help. So I'm going to start doing it again, and maybe post some short stories to mix it up on occasion. Not that I've really been writing. But maybe I'll start.

Pure Pwnage

I am a fan of Pure Pwnage.

But why can't I find a simple place to just download all the episodes? Damn me and my technical inadequacies...always tries to Quicktime. Well. Think I fixed that as I was typing this. Just took a little digging.

Crime and Punishment quotes

"Generally, there are remarkably few people born who have a new thought, who are capable, if only slightly, of saying something new - strangely few, in fact."
- Rodya

Reminds me of my headline. This is profound yet obvious . . . what did I expect from one of the 'greatest books' of all time? Does Dosteovsky believe what Rodya states?

"In short, I deduce that all, not only great men, but even those who are a tiny bit off the beaten track - that is, who are a tiny bit capable of saying something new - by their very nature cannot fail be criminals - more or less, to be sure."

Again, interesting and corresponding to what I've thought before, after reading Nietzsche and thinking about what it means to produce a new idea - one must fight the status quo. Does innovation count as a 'new idea'? Is it always off the beaten track?