Friday, November 16, 2007

Citing Sources

It's high time that newspapers, blogs, and everyone else began citing sources. Footnotes need to be integrated into all of their word-processing softwares, and the use of them should be required. Footnotes are much more efficient in a digital world than parenthetical citations; within 5 years every source could be digital and immediately verifiable.

Would the newspaper which began really citing its sources have a competitive edge? I think so. Why hasn't one appeared? Another interesting case of market failure. Maybe I should start one.


ADHR said...

Not sure about a competitive edge for newspapers. Footnotes might be hard to deal with in terms of column layout.

However, there's no excuse for the total lack of a footnote tag in HTML. Anchor tags are well and good, unless you've got a few dozen, in which case it gets very old, very quickly.

undergroundman said...

Ah, I mean digital newspapers. :) I'm saying that I would certainly choose to read articles from a site that cites its sources over one that doesn't. Wouldn't you?

It's so frustrating to read science articles which don't even reference the abstracts of the articles they are covering.

And yeah, HTML needs a footnote tag, badly. :)