Friday, March 02, 2007

February 2007 Monthly Review

Time for my second monthly review. Unfortunately I can hardly remember what I did this past month and when I did it.

1-7(Tuesday-Wednesday): Off the top of my head I have no idea what I did during this time period besides schoolwork. Worrying. Based on what I wrote, I attended theater, made toxic chili (burned), looked at Hot Russian Brides, and got stoned a lot, and tried to clear out books. Nothing too exciting.

8-14(Th-Wed): Nothing eventful comes to mind.

15-21(Th-Wed): Had a crazy night but otherwise nothing.

22-28(Th-Wed): Won some money playing poker. Finished up 7-page Venezuela paper and turned it in.

Books Read:
    7-page paper on Venezuelan economic history
    8-page take-home exam for Philosophy of Law
    An A on my Macroeconomics test

Goals for March(listed in priority):
    Study HTML
    Decide where in the stock market to put $1500.
    Gain weight (preferably in muscle).
    Review Microeconomics texts.
    Clear out more books.

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