Saturday, March 03, 2007

Another night

Another night in which I limp away feeling like women were goals and I never scored. Maybe that's chauvinistic or something. I don't care. Yet some of these girls I've previously pretty much rejected; I consider nearly all of them below my standards. For some reason this makes a difference - impressionable me was impressed upon by Nietzsche when he said that marriage should be reserved for special perfect relationships among higher types (Yet he said in other places that concubines should be fine, since one can't expect one's wife to be brilliant and beautiful, if I remember. Take my memory with a grain of salt.) I sort of adopt the same opinion. When you have sex you're taking risks: physical, social, and even mental. It better be worth the risk. But then the benefits are greater than you might think, in terms of experience, self-confidence, and perhaps status. And then there's maybe loneliness...

Let's just say I wish I hadn't rebuffed these girls right now.

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