Monday, February 19, 2007

The Weekend

The last weekend was pretty crazy. I won't go into detail, but I got laid and started a fight. No real damage was done during the fight. Afterwards I hung out smoking weed and listening to bad pop music with a few buddies.


Anonymous said...

Maybe women (at least ones with a modicum of sanity) don't like you because you make having sex with them into a footnote. So, what'd it take to get her anywhere near you, anyway? Did you just wait for some drunk girl to wander on past, or did you slip her some of that government-vilified GHB to grease the wheels?

undergroundman said...

Do you even know me? Why the fuck would I post intimate details about me and a woman on here?

Obviously you're disappointed since didn't get to read sordid details. Find your smut elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Hey man, normal folks don't casually toss out "I got laid" in conversation, so I can't help but think you're either terribly proud of this fact or you simply regard it as something as humdrum as going out to eat. Well, or both.

Neither is terribly complimentary.

undergroundman said...

Normal folks? Where do you live, the Midwest Bible Belt? How old are you? Obviously "normal folks" to you and "normal folks" to me are quite different. And really -- do you know me?

(Apparently someone from my university is reading this and that bothers me. If it's you then I'd appreciate it if you let me know.)

It's something moderately exciting. My purpose with this blog is, along with light analysis of issues, to offer an honest picture of a young man's life. It's too bad that I can't give a full rundown of my weekend, but I can't at this point.

It might be time to start a new "blog."