Friday, January 19, 2007

The Truth about Venezuela?

You're not likely to find it in the mainstream media. Misinformation pervades society, but when it comes to Venezuela (and the rest of the developing world) it is the rule. Here is a well-done documentary on the current situation in Venezuela.

Halfway through the video you can watch a small skirmish between the white demonstrators opposed to Chavez and the poor. A few of the poor were sniped by someone, and between ducking they fired back with their handguns. The private TV (given complete freedom of speech by Chavez) showed them shooting their handguns and claimed that the Chavez supporters were firing on the anti-Chavez group. They then took over the State TV and began to push forward a coup based on this misinformation. And so ensues the powerful, chilling, yet ultimately happy story of the failed 2002 coup.

To complement that I point you to this story at Venezuela News. If you don't have time to watch the video, I highly recommend reading the story completely.

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