Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Difference in male/female humor

This article is interesting, especially in light of the post I made earlier. It outlines some of the current research on what the different sexes expect and/or want in humor.

A "good" sense of humor is hard thing to find, but there's more than one reason for that. Humor is one the most subjective experiences. I rarely laugh out loud. In fact, the only times I can remember doing so (and in these cases it was uncontrollable) is when I find someone doing something truly stupid and not realizing that it is stupid. Now, you might think I'd be laughing all the time. I'm not that observant. But when I am in a good mood, I tend (and try) to look at events with amusement.

There are well-liked jokes that I hate. I don't like poop and fart jokes (not that observant or strong-stomached). I don't like Chuck Norris jokes. I don't like, strangely enough, male humor.

"Men taunt other men with clever nicknames and insults," says John Morreal, a professor of religion at William and Mary College in Williamsburg, Virginia, who has studied humor for 25 years. "That isn't something that women do. They don't tend to play practical jokes, or engage in humor that humiliates or puts somebody down."

I don't know. I don't think that's what male humor is entirely composed of, but hey, maybe I'm wrong. I felt the following to be very true regardless:

Subjects were asked to choose a potential date of the opposite sex. Bressler found that women want a man who is a humor "generator," while men seek a humor "appreciator."

I know that in my interaction with women this is generally the case, but I for one don't actively seek it out. I'd rather have someone reduce the burden on me to provide comic relief.

Is irony the root of humor?

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