Thursday, January 18, 2007

Complete Review

When I ran across this site I instinctively bookmarked it, thinking that it would offer some quality summaries and reviews of good literature. A year ago I would have never checked it out, but now I'm trying to clear my bookmarks out. Man. This site makes one wonder about the rational choice theory: what are the creators of this site thinking?

It's rife with spelling, grammar, and logical errors. Its "reviews" are worthless blurbs; I could probably find better on Wikipedia or Amazon. In short, it serves no purpose. Yet it must take an immense amount of effort to write all these superflous comments -- and for what? How are these people profiting? Is Adsense really supporting their venture? I don't get it. And I see stupid shit like this all the time.

If you do come up with an idea like this -- if you do want to expend yourself in such a way, why not do it on something people will check out often like Wikipedia or Wikisummaries? (Actually Wikisummaries looks a bit sketch -- it's for-profit and not connected to the Wikimedia foundation?)

The point is: try to do something meaningful with your energy rather than reinventing the wheel.

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