Thursday, December 22, 2005

Schools in the USA

I was reading the Internet Marketing Center website today and I started thinking about what I could possibly sell. Then I had an idea. I could build the perfect site for colleges(styled after the sleek design of Allmusic, perhaps). It would go into detail on each colleges' strengths and weaknesses, size, social scene and most importantly, food. I'd write up the basic overview on my own and ask for submissions about what really goes on there. After I had enough submissions, I'd start asking people for $5-10 to access all the college insider tips. It might not make a lot of money, but it would be good practice. If I devoted my time to a project like this instead of MUDs, I could get it done in a year.

Then I found Schools in the USA. I've got no chance of beating their start, really.

Damn. Who's got an idea for an internet business? Anyone? It's the New Gold Rush. Come on, people.

I could build perfect sites.

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