Friday, December 16, 2005

Crime and Punishment quotes

"Generally, there are remarkably few people born who have a new thought, who are capable, if only slightly, of saying something new - strangely few, in fact."
- Rodya

Reminds me of my headline. This is profound yet obvious . . . what did I expect from one of the 'greatest books' of all time? Does Dosteovsky believe what Rodya states?

"In short, I deduce that all, not only great men, but even those who are a tiny bit off the beaten track - that is, who are a tiny bit capable of saying something new - by their very nature cannot fail be criminals - more or less, to be sure."

Again, interesting and corresponding to what I've thought before, after reading Nietzsche and thinking about what it means to produce a new idea - one must fight the status quo. Does innovation count as a 'new idea'? Is it always off the beaten track?

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