Saturday, October 01, 2005

Consumer of the Web

Why do sites so often operate with horrible webpages? I've decided to ask "glasses on the":


I'm your average cluelesss consumer. I wear contact lenses with a -2.00 prescription. I want a pair of simple, cheap RX glasses with the same sorta lens.

Why do you complicate things?

I clicked on all lenses and I was shown a long list titled "Frames (no lenses)" with various different numbers between slashes. If you want to get business, clean up your site. Walk people through it. Explain what they might need and show them that it's a good deal. Heh.

I'm looking for a pair of glasses with lens. I don't know what "Rimless, Full Rim, Partialy open (spelling error!), and Shield" mean. Have something to explain the differences and tell me the advantages/disadvanges of each.

I honestly wonder why people create such opaque sites, and how they function. Maybe you can clue me in.


We'll see if they can provide some insight into the minds of ugly webshops.

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